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Fragile Roof Access

Prevent falls through roofsIntroducing Asbestoglide, a unique fragile roof access system available exclusively from Asbestoseal, designed to promote safe working on asbestos and other fragile roof types.

Designed and built by one of our approved Asbestoseal installers, Caldan Special Projects Ltd., who formed “Asbestoglide Ltd.,” the company appointed Asbestoseal as sole distributors for the system.

Asbestoglide eliminates many of the difficulties associated with other work platforms, and answers all of the health and safety issues in one easy to use, highly manoeuvrable, self contained unit that can be extended to fit any roof span with ease.

The biggest advantage to Asbestoglide is that it saves time and on a large roof coating or roof light replacement program, will save significant amounts of money as a consequence, probably paying for itself in just one outing!

No other fragile roof access system comes close to offering the features and benefits of Asbestoglide.

Once it is assembled on the roof, this sturdy and safe platform is moved with ease on integrated rollers and locked into place with quick-release stop-ends.

The Asbestoglide track is positioned on the purlins and held in place by existing roof fixings and secured at eaves and ridge to ensure that it cannot slip off the roof, regardless of pitch angle.

Lightweight, double-sided handrails are provided as standard, together with a safe anchor system, meaning that in certain cases, the need for internal safety netting will be eliminated, saving up to £6 per sq metre in contractor costs on some jobs!

Built with safety, speed and efficiency in mind, Asbestoglide is the first system of its kind and is totally unique in the marketplace. Not only is it great for contractors, it can also be supplied direct to building users for easier self-maintenance of asbestos and other fragile roof systems.

Asbestoglide can be made to custom-fit certain complex roofs and we will be pleased to arrange for a member of the dedicated team from Caldan to attend site to address any special circumstances.

Remember, asbestos is not the most dangerous thing associated with fragile roofs, it’s falls that present the biggest danger.
Asbestoglide is the only fragile roof access system that will keep you working, save you money and keep you safe.

For more information, please call Asbestoseal on 0121 709 5352.

International distributor enquiries: +44 121 709 5352.

We welcome enquiries from contractors, scaffolders and access hire companies – we don’t restrict safety!

Correct Procedure For
Perimeter Edge Scaffold
on Asbestos Roofs

IMG_0003Although everybody refers to “perimeter edge scaffold” being required when working on asbestos roofs, this can actually be a little misleading, because in most cases, it isn’t only edge protection that is required.

In addition to the edge protection, it is normally a requirement to have a walkway access also.

This is because if a person is working on the roof and there is a fire in the building beneath, the worker would be likely to run across the fragile roof sheets in order to effect an escape and of course, asbestos cement roofs should never be trafficked, even in an emergency due to their fragile and unpredictable nature.

The image above shows a typical staging that is required for fragile roof works.

The inclusion of the walkway also ensures that materials can be safely handled at height and that multiple people can access the roof during the course of works.