What Makes Our Products Unique?

Easy Application

We mean *really* simple!

Genuine One Coat

Yes, just one coat usually.

Goes Anywhere

There's no solvent smell.

Minimal Preparation

Clean and dry, then apply!

Solvent Free

100% Solids. No VOC's, 


Install from as low as -5c.

No Fleece

It's just not required.

UV Stable

Will retain its colour, always.

Self Flashing

Even on hot flues (to 200c)

No Fibres

Fibres are ugly. Say no!

Bridges Gaps

Bridges gaps & small holes.

Repairs Anything

Permanently stops leaks.

Saves Money

Less labour = less cost

Made In England

Proud to support British jobs.

RAL Colours

Any RAL colour possible.

Asbestos Encapsulation Coating

Internal asbestos encapsulation products have typically offered only short term protection, as the products, usually PVA based, often deteriorate within months of application.

Asbestoseal can now offer a brand new asbestos encapsulation product that is based on newer styrene technology to provide a tougher, longer lasting and decorative finish.

Available in plain matt white, Asbestoseal ‘s Asbestos encapsulation coating is cost effective enough to use on larger areas, including roofs, cladding and fibre board.

This product can be supplied direct – just call 0121 709 5352.

As it contains no solvents, this product can be used in virtually all environments without the need for specialist equipment. Just apply by brush, roller or airless spray for more effective asbestos encapsulation.